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Stock AR handguard rails?

I was wondering how effective it would be to add rails such as this to the handguard of an AR?

One thing I am wondering about is if the holes on the handguard are "plugged", will that not cause more heat to build up? Is this of concern? Mainly all I want is the ability to mount a Surefire light, and so far I think this is what I've decided on:

The above rail, added to the top of the handguard.
With something like this:
to take the rail to the rightward 45 degree angle, hopefully out of the way of the sighting plain. Then from there I would either get a light mount for a 1" Surefire or get a dedicated Surefire that comes with the pressure switch. What do you all think?

1) Is the rail on the handguard durable and made to last?
2) Would heat buildup be something to consider?
3) What is probably the best: handguard rail, 45 degree adapter, and 1" flashlight mount?
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