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"IF" you were able to get the brass up to pour temp to cast a solid brass boolit or one alloyed with something other than lead which wont alloy with brass , I would next wonder about this ... Just how many times you figger your sprue plate will hold up to the whoopin you would have to put on it to cut the sprue ??? I'm only guesin here but I figger maybe ONCE or LESS ??? Besides that if you can get brass to leave color on your fingers just by rubbin it a few times what do you think it would do to your bore after a few rounds ??? Jacketed bullets struggle with the right composition for the copper to create what is deemed "glideing" metal meaning able to glide easily down a bore with "minimal" metal transfer to the bore. They have yet to come up with a fouling free alloy. Remember the original Barnes X solid copper bullets ? They were notorious for heavy fouling and Barnes went back to the drawing board with their first answer to the problem being to coat the X bullet hence the XLC series bullet. This was short lived and they changed their alloy when they progated the TSX bullet plus actually reduced the load bearing surface of the copper on the bore with the "banded" bullet design. This was nearly 20 years in the making an Lord knows how much research and testing but what the heck, try the brass bullets,,, maybe you'll get LUCKY ...
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