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If I were you I would get a Lee Classic Turret. I started with a Lee single stage and iit has worked fine but now I'm looking to get a turret.

It really depends on the volume you expect to be loading. If you plan on doing 20-40 rifle rounds each session, maybe 200 rounds per month, then a single stage will work just fine. If you think you'll be doing 300-500 rounds per session, maybe 2000 rounds per month, then a progressive would fit your needs. A turret press is in the middle. You don't necessarily give up anything going with a turret press. They can easily crank out 300 rounds in a couple hours and you can keep a closer eye on possible mistakes than you can with a full progressive.

I have been doing a lot of research on various turret presses. Lyman and RCBS make fine turret presses but they cost more than the Lee Classic Turret and they don't do a few things as well as the Lee. But they are still good. If you go with a Lee, make sure it's the Classic cast turret, not the Deluxe turret.
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