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You can learn from a progressive, a turret or a single stage .... it really doesn't matter have to learn the steps and how each press works. But learning on a progressive isn't inherently dangerous.

There is no doubt the progressive presses are a little more complicated - because there is more stuff going on at once ....but you still need to know what is happening in stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4 and stage 5 .....just like you would on a single stage.

The single stage will work fine for your rifle calibers - and you won't be shooting much volume there - so its not significant.

Picking a press is about your personal time as well .... is it ok, if it takes an hour or two hours to load a box of 50 rounds ....vs 300 rds an hour off a turret probably .... vs 500 - 1,000 rds an hour off some progressives. Each type of press has its price points ....

I would suggest you find a mentor in your area - that can aquaint you with different presses - maybe show you their setup - so you can weigh the pros and cons better. Talk to the guys at your local range ...see what they're using / and why ...
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