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Kneeling like anything else can be a stable positon if done right. This is where a good coach comes in. If you can't shoot a rapid fire string in kneeling, or any other position there is something wrong with the position.

A natural point of aim should allow you to rock back into position for the next shot regardless of position.

I can attest to the fact that shooting with a heavy coat, and layers of sweat shirts raise the body temp. Shoot a lot of matches in 100 degree temps with 80+ humity, and I'm sure my body temp went up, but it didn't help my shooting.

We use to soak down the sweat****s and rap the coat in ice before shooting.

Yes I do believe the heavier the coat, the better your offhand scores will be, but as far setting (or kneeling) and prone, I don't think they helped that much, but they don't hurt anything either. I'd recommend the heavier coat to anyone getting started.
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