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On the kneeling note:
I taught about it and, the fact that its not a stable enough position is only half of the truth. The kneeling is a one shot platform, with bigger rifles, it will take more than 7 seconds to settle back into a steady one. Rate of fire simply isnt its strength.

I still think that being allowed to shoot at a 12in bullseye from the 200 and 300 in prone slow fire is a freebie (in certain matches, not all)
300 sitting slow fire is not too challenging, its just too early to get into the prone based on the stuff Ive been doing.

any toughts on that creedmoor cloth coath?

I forget where I read it but, someone was saying that wearing extra layers and raising your body temperature would slow down the pulse and heart beats, and even lengthen the respiratory pause.

I do plan on wearing a layer under the cloth coat to cushion the rifle a bit better...but there's something that sounds too good to be true or entirely wrong about this theory. Usually the hotter you get, the more you breathe and the quicker you get tired. Unneccesary heat is also a huge distraction to your focus.
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