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I don't know anyting about the laws in NYC - but once you get past that ..

For handgun ammo - a progressive is a big plus / because of the volume you can load. Its way too tedious to load handgun ammo on a single stage ... In my opinion, its only marginally better on a Turret press...

Nobody's making bad equipment these days .....but on the higher end of the progressive presses - the Hornady LNL and the Dillon 650 are roughly equivalent. Personally, I like the Dillon 650.

On a budget - there is the Dillon SDB press / and it comes with a set of dies. It will not handle rifle loads / but its fine on handgun calibers like 9mm, etc. It used proprietary dies / proprietary to that press - where the Dillon 550 or 650 use standard dies.

I've had RCBS equipment in the past - and buddies that have the RCBS 2000, some with Hornady LNL, but most of my buddies are using Dillon equipment. The Dillon 650 with the case feeder meets all my needs for handgun ammo in 9mm, .40S&W, .45acp, .38spl, .357mag and .44 mag does it quickly ( 800 - 1,000 rds an hour easily ) and accurately - and I buy it again / and I've had it about 5 yrs - and I'm confident its the only metallic loader I'll ever need.

Dillon has a good website - where you can check out their equipment options.
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