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Newby needs help.

My friends got me a Gift Cert to cheaper than dirt. com. I been thinking about getting in to reloading and here is a perfect opportunity for me. I read a sticky in this section and followed the advice and started looking in to diff equipment but still have few questions.
first here are some of the equipment i am considering
Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Automatic Five Station Press with EZ-Ject
Rock Chucker Supreme Single Stage Master Reloading Kit Includes Ohaus 5-0-5 Scale
RCBS Pro 2000 Progressive Press
Special-5 Single Stage Press Reloading Starter Kit Includes Reloading Manual
Rock Chucker Reloading Single Stage Press

Please forgive me if my questions are silly but i live in NYC and there is no real help to find for miles. First i guess i would like to know the diff between Progressive Press , Automatic and Single stage. I understand that i will need more than just a press to start but if you can give me a list of basics i need that would be great. I have to mention i have a sako 3006 and a mosin 5.62x54r. Looking in to getting a marlin 45-70 and applying for hand gun license ( think thats where reloading will really pay off).

Any recommendations or a set ups that you guys are using would be great.
Thanks in advance and what a great forum this is. I am grateful i found it.
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