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the IDPA classifier

The IDPA Classifier is a splendid and challenging course of fire. It can be frustrating as well!

Suggestions on shooting the IDPA Classifier from Tim Bacus.
Originally posted on on 04-04-2001

Here's a few things that should help you shoot your best score.

Stage One

Strings 1, 2 & 3
Make sure you stop the gun for the head shots. Stopping the gun when you raise it to fire the head shot will take maybe .25 extra seconds, one head miss will add 2.5 seconds, don't miss.

String 4
Don't rush this string. Sight alignment is marginally important but trigger control is a must. Really concentrate on the trigger control.

String 5
Again, concentrate on trigger control and be sure to stop the gun on the center target. I see a lot of shooters get good hits on the first and last target but hit the -3 on the center target, not good.

String 6
The shooting is pretty basic, just see the front sight on the center of the target for each shot. Drop your slide with the slide release after the reload, do not slingshot it! Depending on skill level slingshoting takes anywhere from 1 - 3 seconds longer to do.

String 7
Same as string 5, stop the gun on the middle target. Also since you are firing 2 shots per target don't double tap. Get a sight picture for each shot. Trying to save .1 on a split makes no sense if you drop a shot into the -1 zone doing it.

Stage One Notes

The goal for stage one should be to drop no more than 2 - 4 points. The shooting is easy, just avoid the desire to go faster than you can.

Stage Two

String 1

Take slow baby steps. There is no requirement to take large steps or to move quickly. Some shooters will take several large steps before shooting to try and get closer to the target, don't, it's slower.

String 2

Same as string one, slow baby steps wile retreating. String two should be faster than string one. For both strings, sight alignment and trigger control!

String 3

The first big string, 12 shots total. Don't be in a rush to be done. Shoot for the -0 zone, not the whole target. Same comments about the slide lock reload from Stage One, String 6. And remember, your not trying to hit the target, your trying to hit the -0 zone.

String 4

Six shots strong hand at 10 yards, have I mentioned trigger control? The sight alignment needed to hit an 8" circle at 10 yards is not that precise, the trigger control is. Concentrate on a smooth press to the rear, don't slap the trigger. Again, a quarter second taken to insure a good shot can save you 1.5 seconds by avoiding the -3 zone on the target.

Stage Two Notes

Stage two is 30 shots, shoot to fast and you'll drop a lot of points. Concentrate on trigger control and you'll do fine.Try not to drop more than 6 - 8 points.

Stage Three

Stage Notes first this Time

Stage Three is the classifier. Many shooters will end up with a longer time for stage three than for stages one and two combined. Stage Three is a test of pure shooting ability, sight alignment and trigger control. It's hard to give advice to new shooters for stage three because many simply don't have the skills yet to do well on it. Hell, I see it kick ass on experienced A and B Class IPSC shooters.

Accuracy is paramount on stage three. Shots that would be a -1 on Stages One and Two will miss the target on stage three. Shooting wise, really focus on the front sight and do perfect trigger pulls, straight to the rear and don't slap it. You must shoot to hit the -0 zone, simply aiming at the 'target' will not cut it. Do not look at the targets wile shooting, this causes your shots to go low, concentrate on the front sight!

String 1

Do a retention reload, it's faster on this string, don't go for speed, try to be smooth and in control.

String 2

A tac load will be slightly faster if you move as soon as you insert the new mag and stow the used mag wile moving forward. If you are more likely to do the complete reload behind cover then it will be faster to do a retention reload. Run to the barrel, you get no style points for crouching or moving 'tactically'. Don't rush the barrel shots; you're still 15 yards back. front sight, press.

String 3

Almost done! Don't rush the last six shots because you're in a hurry to be done. Draw and go kneeling, get that good first sight picture and fire accurate shots.
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