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Sheriff Clay Parker v. California


On November 17, 2010, the Foundation's lawyers at Michel & Associates, P.C. in Long Beach appeared in Fresno court for the Plaintiffs on their hearing for a Motion for Preliminary Injunction and related case management and scheduling conferences. During the hearing, the Court expressed concerns over the amount of “irreparable harm” to plaintiffs if an injunction was not issued at this stage, and whether that harm couldn’t simply be “repaired” with money damages. The Court encouraged the parties to focus on the underlying substantive issue, and to reach agreement on how to expedite a decision on the merits prior to the effective date of February 1st for the major components of AB 962. In doing so, the court noted that although trials are now being set for 2012, the Court would grant the plaintiffs a rare trial setting preference. The Court then assisted the parties in negotiating a briefing schedule for an unusual and extremely expedited joint Motion for Summary Judgment/Trial by brief.

The hearing on Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgment and Trial are set for January 18, 2011. The Court, noting that “time was of the essence” for Plaintiffs, ensured a ruling would either be made the date of the hearing or within a few days to ensure this case is resolved in its entirety prior to February 1st. In light of the Court’s willingness to rapidly expedite this litigation and reach a final decision on the merits of Plaintiffs’ claims, Plaintiffs opted to withdraw their Motion for a Preliminary Injunction rather than protracting the litigation by arguing and requesting supplemental briefing on Plaintiffs’ irreparable harm claims. Plaintiffs' need for a preliminary injunction to issue were alleviated in many regards by assurances from both opposing counsel and the Court that this case will in fact be resolved prior to February 1st. The Foundation’s lawyers are now working tirelessly to prepare for Summary Judgment, and if needed, trial.
Full notification of yesterdays hearing at the link, above.

This is actually fairly good news. Instead of moving forward on a supplemental briefing schedule on the injunction, the plaintiffs now have an expedited case schedule for summary judgment and trial, set to conclude before the law goes fully into effect.
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