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Seeking cast load info

I have been using two cast boolits for my 38 Special, a traditional Lee 158 grain LSWC, and the tumble lube 124gr 9mm mould - it drops at .360, so i size them for .358 for the 38, and they work well.
The question has zero to do with the boolits, and everything to do with powder. See, I use Accurate Arms powders, and #2 is what I have for 38, #7 for 9mm. I have quite a bit #7, and running low on #2. Please, don't tart with the obvious one, "buy more #2", that is financially not an option right now. What I am wondering is if anyone has any starter loads for either weight slug with #7 powder?
The ONLY load I found on the 'net so far was from Accurate that gave a 110 grain bullet +P load, using 7.2 grains of AA#7. I would think I could start with 5 grains and work my way up safely with the heavier slugs, but I'd like a little feedback. I have boolits, and lead to make more, primers and brass, just not enough #2...any thoughts?
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