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Last weekend I shot in a local USPSA match.

The Classifier stage was CM 99-47 "Triple Choice" which involved three strings of fire. There were five targets to shoot at, each mostly obscured by hard cover. In each string of fire you put one round on each target.

The first string was fired freestyle.
The second string was fired strong hand only.
The third string was fired weak hand only.

I had identified "engaging targets partially screened by cover one handed at 10 yards" as a skill I needed to work on after shooting a bunch of classifier matches in the spring. So I invented a practice course that focused on those skills.

There were 75 points possible, and I got a target score of 67 with no misses.

My times weren't anything too spectacular, but many people shooting the match went WAY too fast on this stage and so they crashed and burned, and I ended up finishing 2nd for that particular stage.

I still have to continue to practice shooting strong hand only and weak hand only on partial targets. Once I get consistant at 10 yards, I'm going to back it up to 12 yards and then to 15 yards.
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