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Thanks for the response Rick. I don't know about the NO holster your weapon command. I know for sure I was told , after each make ready, holster your weapon. So I am not sure what was happening there. I guess it could have ben because I was looking kinda lost at that point. I do know that this is the first or second year that this particular club has ben doing the IDPA thing. So maybe they are doing it a bit different , like I said I was so confused that I am not sure what was hapening , lol.
I do wish I had a day of practice and instruction before I had my first shoot.
I do know I will try it again. I will also be using a different handgun. The sights on my 1911 were VERY difficult to see .
I did spend some time last evening, in my gun room, dry firing a couple other handguns that I am considering using next time. But it is still hard for me to drop the hammer on a empty chamber. As a rimfire guy it is difficult for me to do.
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