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Holster your weapon command? There's no such command in IDPA, but I might mention it if I saw you trying to lower the hammer rather than holster the cocked 'n' locked weapon!
It can be difficult to find a means of "easing into" practical shooting, as a lot of the techniques cannot be readily practiced in live fire at the shooting facilities typically available to the public. And without competent instruction, you can practice a lot of bad habits before you know the right way to do it. A couple of buddies and I conduct an "intro to IPSC" class, three or four times a year, that consists of a day of instruction and practice on the range, followed by a coach-through of the first match. It's been pretty successful, and any range that has an IDPA or USPSA club should consider offering something similar, for liability reasons, if nothing else. We get the occasional "squirrel", and it's good to have some time to evaluate and work with someone who's enthusiastic, but whose gunhandling isn't up to snuff (yet).
Dry-fire practice is especially worthwhile, as it's free, and you can do it when and where it's convenient. I can usually get to the range no more than once a week, so virtually all of my practice is dry-fire and has been for a few years.
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