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I just spoke with NRA since I am already an official member. You do not get the magazine or insurance with the associate membership, but it is an official one year NRA membership for free. I had already used the link to add the children and wife before I called. They all will get the NRA enews email letter and official NRA cards in the mail at the very least. She said address and phone numbers can all be the same and to just use a different email address for each person. You can get rid of these email addresses down the road at any time. to any skeptics, you do not have to give any other info accept the first page the OP's link directs you to. After you press submit there is a message and you have already completed every thing. She said this offer is valid, but it is about to run out. When I first called she had already thought it had been stopped until I gave her the link and she asked her boss. Sign everyone up!!

NRA cust serv option 1 after 877-672-2000
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