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Yes, all of them, every one fires any type match for the first time at one time or other.

Having said that, I recommend CMP GSM Vintage Rifle Games. The CMP has GSM Master Instructors scattered all over the country. They put on Clinics often followed by a match. Many provide ammo and guns for the clinics and have loaner guns at the matches. It is really geared for the new shooters.

Its not a money sport, you can be competitive with a $100 Mosin and cheap surplus ammo. They are limited to "As Issued" surplus military rifles so you don't have to compete with multi thousand dollar guns.

is also a fun shoot and can be done reasonably.

But again. don't be afraid to jump right in and start shooting. We were all new at one time or other, and I've found in just about all disciplines, the older, experienced shooters are more then willing to jump right in and help new shooters.

I've shot a lot of First Time matches, Allways three things happen;

I learn something
I have fun
I meet great people.

Just do it.

Edit: To Add CMP Competition Informatin:
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