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"Err I cringe whenever I see high power rounds in a shotgun for home defense. A Rem 870 loaded with bird shot is sufficient, if pellets miss you don't want them flying through walls. Just the standard walmart 870 express Magnum. "

....mmm no. And if you are banking on the use of birdshot to reduce the chance of "overpenetrate" etc, re-think that one hard. I've tested it -(another post,elsewhere) extensively.
#4 and #6 will penetrate clean through almost everything in the home that 00 will,even in the "lowly" .410 loads. It may not do so with quiet as much power-but it will indeed blow clean through just about every wall in a common, modern-built house, and even through steel/metal exterior doors. Folks who are relying on, and advising others, of that internet myth are going to get someone seriously hurt or killed someday.

As for my shotty. NEF 870 type, 18.5" with combo light/laster clamped to muzzle-end/mag tube, and, just recently, installed the Tru-Glow green fiber front sight.
Loaded with 5 rounds (none kept in chamber) Winchester 00, plus 5 more on the sling. Planning on Hydra Shok slugs on the saddle for outdoors/distance shots.
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