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416Rigby, if you like the .375 better, why the name??

Thank you for clearing up that little bit about the .375 being heavily used in africa, even on big game. *somebody* not to name any names, but you know who you are, said basically that a .375 was a wussy gun, only to be used on small plains deer and antelope!! I was like "WHAT???" but couldn't find any supportive info on the net to post a rebuttle. However, comming from a guy whose actually been on african safaries, I take your word for it, as I've heard it before.

The late Hal Waugh, of kodiak alaska, guided bear hunts for many years. He has shot many bear (sometimes as a backup for his clients) and reported never having to shoot a bear twice with that gun, whom he named "Big Nan." He also took a safari in africa, and what did he use?? say it with me "A 375.H&H." And What did he shoot?? THE BIG FIVE. That's why I opted for a .375 this spring when getting a new gun, instead of the .338. My dad and his friend had to shoot my dads grizzly 7 times with .338 mags, and only one wasn't through the heart/lungs. That stray went through the bottom jaw. These huge bears whip themselves into such a frenzy, and have gallons of adrenaline pumping through their veins that you can't hardly kill them, that's why I wanted a little more gun. Mine is a Rem 700 BDL with a synthetic stock that kicks like a pissed off mule. I dunno how much it weighs prolly about 6 lbs but it sure is a hoot. I shot at a couple coyotes a few weeks ago and was so excited didn't even notice the kick.

Wanna know what gets me?? the 700BDL's that are in .308 have muzzle breaks factory installed on them. Who needs a muzzle break on a .308??? but on a .375, a gun that really could use a little less kick??? Nothing, No break at all. IN THE SAME MODEL OF GUN!!! What is that about???? Hmmm, makes me wonder what they're smokin over there at remington
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