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For the sake of argument; I'd like to put forth the value of rock (or any weighty object) throwing for defense.

First: is the concept of practicing to throw rocks and stones with force and accuracy.

One can always carry a few "pretty polished stones" in the pocket, or even unpolished ones, and they will be available for throwing. They will not get one in trouble with the police or at the airport metal detector.

One can achieve great accuracy, speed and reliability with rock throwing - and great damage can be done on an adversary or food source of small to fairly large size - especially if a myriad of sizes and weights are practiced with.

Head shots are practiced for. For instance there was an old baseball player (a pitcher I think), Chuck Conners I think it was, who killed an attacking Cougar with a large rock, according to what I was told.

If one were in a 7-11 hold up (for instance) a can of soup thrown quickly and well to the bad guy's head would drop or kill him as well as a pistol and it's not likely one would go to jail or spend much time in court.

With four to six feet of paracord and a small leather pouch, added to lots of practice, some stones and a sling will increase the range and speed of the stone up to a power similar to a large pistol round and beyond. For instance an egg sized stone and a three or four foot sling will put the stone (a practiced slinger is entertained here) through even some "bullet proof glass". AND a sling is capable of throwing such a stone at least 100 yards with "head shot" accuracy. Lots of practice is required however.

Sooooo I posit here that a pocket full of stones, some strong cord and a small leather pouch with LOTS of practice will give one wonderful advantage with thrown or slung stones -- David did win against Goliath... In retrospect Goliath didn't stand a chance. I hear from an associate, who lived in Israel, that even today the shepard kids will "always" kill a snake at up to fifty yards with a stone and a sling and will "always" kill a dog or wolf at 75 to 100 yards with a sling and stone. We used to ALL rabbit hunt with thrown stones when I was young -- head shots -- and dinner. We missed some but we didn't practice every day.

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