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First Smelt

I know I should read more on this, so if this is just an utterly dumb question that can be answered by reading a manuel feel free to say so.

I melted down some wheel weights today on the gas burner on my grill. I had it set on high(No thermometer yet). Took about 20-30 minutes to melt. the pot was a 6qt cast iron dutch oven pot. It seemed to me that everything melted ok but it never really got completely liquid on the edges. I didn't notice any lingering WW that would make me think zinc, but the goop on the edges made me worry.

I scooped out all the clips and rusty trash. then threw in a chunk of Wax toilet ring, stirred drossed. did this three times wasn't sure of when to stop. It seemed like there was about 20 pounds of lead in the pot when starting. I haven't weighted yet but it seems like i got about 8-10 pounds of ingots.


Whats the chances my gas burner on my grill could melt zinc?

Is the goop on the edges just lead thats not getting the heat being that far away from the flame, and I need to get a coleman stove. I only seen the two burner stove at walmart that what I want?

When do you stop fluxing? how do you know if flux is working?

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