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I don't understand why a person would not want a shot gun as a go to gun.
A few reasons:
1. Pellet spread combined with possibility of innocents nearby. If one can barricade and keep the family behind the gun, ok. But, if there's a possibility that a precise shot must be taken, a single projectile might be preferable. Federal Flite Control and simple understanding of how the gun/load patterns is helpful here. One doesn't necessarily have to have a huge home, however, to start getting into ranges where spread must be taken into account.

2. Pumps require two hands to operate. I've gone through a supervised training exercise with simmunitions that had me on the phone with 911 when the bad guy charged (I mean charged) through the bedroom door. The first shot had to be fired one-handed. Dropping the phone and racking for a second shot took a really long time under those circumstances. Which brings up...

3. Semi-auto shotguns are pricey. Some would say they don't have the universal reputation for reliability that pumps have. Except that...

4. Some believe practical reliability of a pump is over-rated. Mechanically, not much goes wrong with a good pump. However, under stress, short stroking can and does happen. Human malfunctions are still malfunctions.

5. Even reduced-recoil 12 gauge buck kicks harder than most pistols or carbines. Can the user consistently control it in awkward, off-balance positions?

I'm not saying this makes the shotgun a bad choice, just that people may assign different pros/cons to it depending on their circumstances.
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