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There are TWO courses of fire for the GSM (Garand, Springfield, Vintange Military) matches.

Course A:

Sighting: 200 yards slow fire, any position, 5 shots
First: 200 yards slow fire prone 10 shots (you are given 15 min. to fire the 5 sighters and 10 shots for record)
Second: 200 yards Rapide fire prone from standing 10 shots, 80 Seconds (this requires a reload, 2 & 8 for the garand, 5 & 5 for bolt guns)
Third: 200 yards Slow fire Standing 10 shots in 10 minutes

Course B:

Sighting: 200 yards slow any position 5 shots
First: 200 yards Slow fire prone, (againg 25 min for sighting and prone)
Second: 200 yards Rapid, prone from standing, 10 shots 80 sec.
Third 200 yards Rapid, Sitting or Kneeling, from standing 10 shots in 70 seconds.
Fourth: 200 yards slow fire standing. 10 shots in 10 minutes.

Targets for both is the 200 Yards SR target. The match can be fired at 100 yards instead of 200, using the SR1 target (which is the 200 yard target reduced to 100 yards).

You will note that the third phase in course B allows for Sitting or Kneeling. Kneeling is not use much because it isn't as stable as the setting positon.

Hope this helps.
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