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I don't understand why a person would not want a shot gun as a go to gun.

I do think for shooting in close quarters a 26" barrel would be less maneuverable so I agree about switching to s shorter barrel.....................So the question remains if the shotgun is not your go to gun what is?

I don't use the shotgun as my primary because I live in a two bedroom condo right now. Lots of corners and short hallways. Throw in lots of furniture packed in small rooms, and it doesn't leave lots of room to work with a 26" barreled long gun.

My go-to right now is my every day carry gun, a Springfield G.I. in .45 Auto. I am looking for a 18-20" barrel (or a 21" off of a youth model), but those selling a used barrel want $200, and a new one is $225-250 when I can find one.........I only paid $230 for the shotgun brand new. When I find a shorter barrel, the shotgun will get bumped up a notch in the Home Defense weapons ranking, but until then, I will stick with my pistol.
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