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The rifle is a stainless EMF 1892 short rifle. I was thinking that a maintenance free stock would be a natural for a maintenance free finish.
EMF offered to replace it for right at $100. If I can find someone who can adjust the inletting, I think pumping it full of glue and clamping it back together is a good answer.
I'd been shooting it all summer before I discovered the crack, so it's pretty well hidden, and I'm pretty unobservant sometimes. Just ask my future Ex.
When I discovered the split, I took the stock off and the split closed up.

And on something completely different, is it much trouble to modify a Lever gun to handle shorter ammunition of the same caliber? I've toyed many times with the idea of running 45AutoRim ammunition in the 45LC rifle. Of course the chamber will need to be modified for the hugh rim on the AR. I like being a little different.
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