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Escape from hellfire to freedom

Thank you for your resopnse to our book. When i married that "ole" girl in 1960 i had no knowledge that her and her family were refugees during WWIIi. I didn't find out about this until we found a copy of her mother's diary some 60 years later. While writing this story, from translation, really enhanced my respect and feeling for helga.

The web site is ours, my design, as well as the covers of the book are my design. I will work on your suggestion and see what i can come up with.

1. The family was considered a fugative refugee from Jan 1945 until 1950 until reaching the town of Celle germany. They remained as such until they finally reached Heilbronn Germany in 1954.

2. To my knowledge there were no guns in the werschun family. That is until they arrived in heilbronn. When the father was cleaning out a farm house he found a browning hi power, with the Nazi stamp, and an English flare pistol. I still have both

3. The Werschun family had the same feeling about hitler as most did. That is until late in the war just before they evacuated konigsberg. It was then their (the Werschuns) thoughts ran a different way. They felt that "stand till the last man" was hitler's way of saying "to hell with it, it is over"

4. The werschuns did not like the war, as their father was taken from them, and they didn't know what his outcome was or going to be. There wasn't much they could do about it so had to accept what ever was going to happen I will say this, all germany was glad when it was over. As mentioned in the book, Helga has no annimosity toward any one regarding the war. There were arosities on both sides, and that is to be expected. Soldiers and cvivilians alike.

Again thanks for your positive response and purchasing our book

in god we trust others pay cash

Harley & Helga (Werschun) nolden
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