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One of the silent but deadly ones might be effective in clearing a room, but I prefer something more substantial. I vote on the larger diameter .380. In fact, I would rather have a mid/lg frame .357, lg. cap. 9mm, .40, or a .45 when the shtf. But when I cannot conceal one readily enough, such in hot summer atire, I carry a light weight five shot .38 revolver or the LCP. In fact most of the time in the LCP is still in my pants pocket in addition to what ever else that I am carrying. I've never shot a .32 but heard they kick less than a .380. If that is true the .32 may be a good choice if you have issues with recoil due to arthritis etc. Carry what ever you have or can afford, it will still at least give you a chance when some a-hole tries to end you day.
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