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I shoot IDPA every tuesday night and a club match once per month. I also shoot IPSC just as much!! I love it. The first thing you can start doing to get better is start saving your money!!! This sport can get expensive!!

Other than that, I would not worry so much about your times at this point. Although that is one of the more exciting things about this sport, it will come in time. Make sure your head is in the game. Mentally go over each stage in your head as many times as you can. Strategise a plan for you most effective reloads. Its amazing how well you can do, if you figure out the most effiecient way of shooting the stage. Speed will come in time.

For your first couple of matches, dont worry. Just enjoy yourself, take it slow, and ask alot of questions. You will be amazed how fast speed will improve.


BTW: it takes a while to learn the rules. As long as you are safe and dont get DQ'ed, it really doesnt matter. Believe me, if you break a rule, they will let you know about it!!!
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