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James K
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IIRC, barrels marked "fine English Damascus" were made in Belgium.

I have to tell you that IMHO no Damascus barrel shotgun should ever be fired, not even with black powder loads. If you want the stock repaired for looks, fine, but if you plan to use the gun, I strongly recommend you not do so, Numrich being out of stock on spare fingers and eyes at the moment.

Now the stock situation. There are NO factory stocks for that gun, so you can either repair it, try having it repaired or make/have made a new one. There are shotgun stock rough blanks available that can be fitted to that gun. You could try DIY stock making, but unless you have experience the job will probably not turn out as you would like. If you are considering having a stock made, Google "gunstock makers" and check the web sites. I can tell you that a new stock will run a minimum of $600. If you want checkering, or fancy wood, think well over $1000, maybe $2000.

That kind of investment would be worthwhile only if the gun is from a top maker and of a high grade; I doubt yours is, but we shall see.

Jim K
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