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Originally Posted by wally626
The second amendment rational for ranges is the parallel to the 1st. If books are protected then book stores are as well. There was a lot of cases, I think in the 70s where cities were banning adult bookstores and movie houses. In the end the courts said they could zone where in the city the bookstores/movies could be located but could not ban them. So a city can zone where gun ranges and stores are allowed and regulated them with safety regulations and the like, but can not ban them, or make regulations so difficult to fulfill as to effectively ban them.
The 1st Amendment says nothing about books or bookstores. It specifically guarantees freedom of "speech." Speech is vocal, not writing or printing. That said, the underlying intent of the 1st Amendment was that a citizen should not be punished for expressing an idea contrary to a position espoused by the government.

And that's ALL it was about. There has been so much judicial activism surrounding the 1st Amendment that most people have no idea what it really stood for. Personally, I think the Founders would be aghast that the 1st Amendment has been used to protect the distribution of pornography.
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