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Sorry I can't help with values, but here's my best shot at identifications:

1- looks to be made by J.B. Ronge & Fils ("J.B. Ronge & Sons"), of Liege, Belgium. This might or might not be 22, as many of these pistols were chambered for 6mm Flobert, a rimfire cartridge whose chamber will accept a 22 cartridge, but which is a lot less powerful; PLEASE DON'T ALLOW THIS TO BE FIRED UNTIL YOU MAKE SURE OF THE CHAMBERING.

2 - is marked as being made by Johann Contriner, of Vienna ("Wien"), Austria, sometime between 1870 and 1876. It's not unheard of for a pistol like this to still be loaded, so make sure the barrel and breech are clear with a rod.

3 & 4 - these have the same breech design, but you might need to take them out of the wood to get a better look at any markings; they both are marked as French, by Manufacture Francaise D'Armes (MF), but were likely put together as a "set" sometime after they were built.
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