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its not a rich mans sport at all. My local area has several 3 gun matches, lots of guys shooting pump shotguns. Factory ARs and production pistols.

I got to shoot the MGM Iron man this year, My ist real year for 3 gunnin. Shot a factory stock R-15, (limited division) remington 1100 tactical and a glock 17. I shot with the F&N group. Im pretty sure they are not as good as they are because of the guns they have, although quility stuff wont hurt, They are great shooters, they shoot alot, and have been doing this for a long time. They know how to shoot the stages. they were awsome to shoot with, I learned more by watching them shoot then what i would gain by having the most expensive equipment period!!!

Dont let the show fool you, I think their were 185 or so total shooters at the iron man, Their were the high end sponcer shooters, some military shooters, and lots of average joe shooters with basic equipment like myself. Im willing to bet I had as much fun as Dave did shooting, I however didnt get the 5k check, but he didnt win it because he had the most $$$$ tied up in guns, he won cause hes awsom at what he dose with the guns!!! It was amizing to watch him shoot some of the stages.

I say grab your stuff, borrow that shot gun and go give it a try!!!
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