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M1 Bazooka replica legality question

I have been wanting to build a replica M1 Bazooka for a while now [for WWII reenactment]. When I started to get serious I ran into several problems with the legality of the build. I want to build a replica M1 bazooka that will fire an inert M6 Model Rocket.

The problem is that if I add a functioning trigger to the replica it is an NFA weapon and that's not what I need.

I was wondering if I could just build the launcher without a trigger [so it would just be a fancy tube with a stock and handles] and fire the model rockets using a step activated model rocket launch controller like the ones you find at hobby stores.

Would that be legal? The launch controller that would usually launch the model rocket from the launch stand would still be used to launch the rocket, and the tube would act as a new launch stand/guide rod. The launch controller and the tube would be two separate devices and would never be physically attached.
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