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My grandfather was born in 1870, in Genoa, Italy. being a stone mason, he found work building the fortifications in Alsace-Lorane. When they were digging the foundations for the house where my dad was born..1908, they came across blue wool cloth, brass buttons, and finally human bones with the blood still on them..this was from the 1870 Franco-Prussion war. My granparents ran a little resturant there, one day a big German officer came in and ordered rabbit with corn-meal mush. Grandpa said to come back in an hour or so. Grandpa not wanting to lose a paying customer had not told him he had no rabbit...He went out to alley in back & found big tomcat. After the meal, as he was lighting his pipe and relaxing over a final glass of wine, he said that was the best rabbit he had ever had! In 1912 grandma with 4 little kids under 6 years came to this country on the Ancona. She couldn't speak a word of english (grandpa had come over in 1910). During WW1, the Ancona was converted to a troop ship & was sunk off North African coast by Austrian U boat...Captined by Von Trap. I never did get to meet my grandfather, he having drowned in 1933. Grandma lived to see men walk on the moon, she died at 92.
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