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Mr Clembert, awsome gun.

ive always wanted to get into cap and ball shooting and after countless hours of reading i decided a walker w/ a konverter would do well for me. here in michigan its legal to hunt w/ a cap and baller thats why the walker would be my choice for knock down power in percussion mode, while 45 colt would make it easer to shoot at the range. I was actually thinking the same thing that the 45 colt konverter has a lot of wasted space. thanks so much for posting this inventive conversion. I was wondering if you could give me a few tips on loading and shooting the walker and if you would recomend such modifications for a beginner. Ive never reloaded ammo before but i thought black powder 45 colt would be a good start and maybe work my way up to 45 BPM (you better copy write that before someone steals it.)

you should send some pics and story to Guns of the old West mag, they did a real nice article about converting the big guns a while back.
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