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Jim and Natman with your help I have decided I have a Large ring receiver, it measure 1.41" and has a step down on the left hand side of the receiver.

I am leaning to-wards this being a custom gun put together by a gunsmith and chambered in 7X61 S&H. Looking at the Weaver site natman pointed out it would suggest its a FN, HVA & SWEDISH action.

I measured the Center to Center of mounting holes for bases and also measured the difference of bridge height from front to rear with the rear being lower. Here's what I got, (Front Base) Center to center of screw holes is .8585" or 21.80mm. (Rear Base) Center to Center of screw holes is .4985" or 12.70mm. The difference in the bridge is .1715" or 4.35mm with the rear being lower.

I sure wish the manufacturer would list there dimensions for base height and center to center some where, It would make it allot easier to find some.

Any one know where this info might be.
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