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True story about .303 Savage

About 40 years ago, I was on our local City Police Force. Friend of mine found himself about the 4th patrol car going to a Bank alarm about 3:00pm one day. He decided to hang back and watch the area. He noticed a young man walking away from the bank with a suspiciously heavy coat on for the kind of day it was. He pulled over and invited the young man into the back of the patrol car for a chat. The young man obliged and as my friend turned around to talk to the young man he was staring into the muzzel of a severely sawed off Lee Enfield. The young man pulled the trigger, CLICK! The young man looked absolutely stunned! After thier relative positions were shifted a bit and the young man was quietly sitting in handcuffs, my friend decided that he had better have a look at that Lee Enfield. He shucked the bolt and a live cartridge popped out with more in the clip. The cartridges were .303 Savage. Just a little bit smaller than the .303 British and the firing pin didn't set the thing off. My friend has thought a lot about that day!
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