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So, I came up with this idea: A crank-style device, but in the form of a geared pump / piston. The geared pump would mount under a semi-auto rifle. with a piston that presses the trigger as you pull the pump - maybe 5-6 runds fired per push or pull of the pump. Would BATFE approve it? Who knows - isn't any different than a crank device. The bigger question is could I draw it or make it? No, I just don't have those skills.
Someone already makes that in a crank device you affix to the trigger guard,,,
It's called the BMF activator (Click here please),,,
Lotsa fun for $19.95.

I have a friend who bought the Activator and a 50 round drum mag for his wife's Ruger Challenger .22 semi-auto.

Lotsa fun and noise,,,

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