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I have tried a set of Leupold Mauser 98 2 piece bases, is the 98 the same as the 98K? The front base fit, and the screw holes lined up. But the rear screw holes did not match. Allso the bridge or where the bases mount are different heights.
Commercial Mauser 98s are not the same as military Mauser 98s, the stripper clip guides interfere with placement of the rear bridge holes in the same location as commercial M98s. You may also have a different action altogether, since you say it does not say Schultz & Larsen on the action. You could have a Husqvarna commercial 98 action, and the dimensions of those actions and hole spacing is different from FN M98 actions that are the standard for commercial 98s in the USA.
There the only ones I can find who might have made a 7X61 S&H.
Actually, 7X61 S&H was a fairly common chambering until Remington brought out the 7mm Rem Mag, and for several years afterwards. Sako and Husqvarna used to chamber for the 7X61 S&H, many European-made rifles were brought back by servicemen, and there are literally thousands of gunsmith-chambered examples out there.
Do you know of a web site for Schultz & Larsen.
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