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Hello, Bird3897, I don't own a Redding T7, but I do have an old HEAVY CH "O" type press, and a Forester Co-Ax. When I got involved in pistol shooting, back in late 1970's, I purchased a Ponsness/Warren turret reloading tool. I was loading mainly .38 wadcutters. Later, when I became involved heavly in IHMSA, I loaded .357 & .41 mag. This tool was adequate for these pistol rounds, and although the mfg. said it was designed for rifle loading, I would never dream of using it for this. When full length sizing .357 & .41 brass, there was a slight "Give" or flex felt. This press has two heavy solid steel posts that the aluminum bottom plate rides on. For the heavy full-length sizing of rifle brass, and because I want all the accuracy I can get out of my handloads, without having a doubt in my mind if concentricity was off due to press flex, I favor the heavy cast-iron press.
As for the post that there was no testing done on the T7, there was an article written..I can't remember if it was in Precision Shooting, or Hand Loader magazine. But they did test it with dial indicators..This was with the earlier Redding turret press..the newer T7 is beefer I think.
The way I look at it is I am going to be handloading the rest of my life...
Like the Filson outdoorsman clothing company slogan says: "Might as well have the best".
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