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Powder charging on the press

Originally Posted by Bird3897
Thanks for the suggestions. I am a little confused concerning using a funnel to pour my own measured powder through the die. I am interesting in doing this with the shell in the press, can I only do this with the lee press? Also, can you leave the funnel in the die while you index it or do you have to pull it out every time? I am assuming I would have to precharge all my cases off the press to do this with the redding??
You can use the funnel or the Lee Auto-Disk powder measure (mounted on Lee's die) on any press. So charging your cases off-press is not necessary, though if loading in batch mode may be easier.

You don't have to remove the funnel to index (or rotate) the turret head. Just lower the ram in the normal course of loading. If your funnel has a REALLY LONG drop tube, you may have to cut it shorter.

If you use Lee's case mouth belling die, you can drop powder right into the case through the hollow die (either with a funnel or with the Lee Auto-disk powder dispenser). Otherwise, you devote a die station to the charging, either as flashole shows in his picture on post #16 or with a press-mounted powder measure. The Lee Turret only has 4 stations, which is enough to do that only if you don't use a separate, dedicated crimping die.

If you buy all Lee dies and powder measure, you can do everything in the four die stations. If you already have someone else's 4 die set, you may have to substitute Lee's case-mouth belling die (sold separately for just such circumstances), use only 3 dies or get the Redding.

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