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But for rifle the AutoDisk cannot handle much beyond the .223 (well almost to .308 for faster powders). And the Rotary Perfect Powder Measure I have leaks powder. Maybe I messed it up somehow. But I have reverted to using my old RCBS Uniflow measure. But for me rifle cases need so much prep and measuring, and I load so many fewer than pistol (except .223) that I end up using it as a single stage anyway, as I would with any other brand of turret press.
You can get a Double Disk Kit and double the amount of powder and combos for many more weights. It works fantastic.

I also bought the Lee Auto-Disk Adjustable Powder Charge Bar but, it's only good for pistol as it does not go high enough for .223 other then the lightest load.

I added the Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure Riser to clear the dies better and it also allows you to use dies from other manufactures that are in some cases much taller.

I am vary happy with my Lee press. There are reasons for me to buy a progressive (Shoot allot) but, I will still use this press for certain calibers.
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