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I have loaded several pistol and rifle cartridges on my Lee Classic Cast turret with no problems of the press itself. I really don't see what difference the press makes as long as it pushes and pulls the cases through the dies properly. The Lee press is supported by three posts on the outer rim of the turret so there is no way it could flex, and the ram is pretty sturdy as well.

I think the bigger difference would be in the dies. The nature of pistol shooting just does not require the same precision as rifle. You are shooting closer, your hand/arm support is not as stable, and for "combat" or defensive shooting you are trying for 2"-3" groups at 25 yds (typically), not sub-MOA at 100 yds - 300 yds.

The only negative I can find against the Lee is that it is smaller and lighter weight and thus really does not support the heavier cast iron/steel powder measure of other manufacturers. I like the AutoDisk measure for pistol so that works well on the Lee.

But for rifle the AutoDisk cannot handle much beyond the .223 (well almost to .308 for faster powders). And the Rotary Perfect Powder Measure I have leaks powder. Maybe I messed it up somehow. But I have reverted to using my old RCBS Uniflow measure. But for me rifle cases need so much prep and measuring, and I load so many fewer than pistol (except .223) that I end up using it as a single stage anyway, as I would with any other brand of turret press.

A turret press is very handy having all your dies loaded into turrets and you can quickly switch back and forth between calibers (like during case prep steps).

What I really like about the Lee CCT press is the Safety Prime tray style loader. It makes seating primers easier than anything I have seen besides a progressive. And the spent primers just fall down through the Ram into a plastic tube.

Redding is going to be at least twice as expensive for most every piece of equipment as the Lee: press, dies, turrets, measure, etc. If cost and space is not an issue than why not? I don't know if it is any better than a Lee in terms of loaded ammo, but you would have the satisfaction of having a Cadillac press.

If cost is a concern then the Lee will load ammo just fine. I went through the same dilemma when I was shopping for a turret press.

I had always aspired to have a Redding press, but the more I investigated, the less reason I could find to get the Redding over the Lee. I learned from a friend that the old presses often had 6, 7, 8 or more die holes so that you could load die sets for 2 or 3 cartridges in one turret. I couldn't come up with any scenario in which I needed more than four dies in a turret.

I really spend more than enough of my budget on more die sets, tools and components. I could never load for as many cartridges if I was buying Redding stuff, as much as it might be nice to own the more expensive equipment. Sort of like I would enjoy owning a BMW, but my Accord does everything I need and I couldn't justify spending that much more on a Beemer.

If I was going to spend that much more than the Lee, I would go Dillon for the progressive capability.
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