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A lot of new guys are too concerned with "RPH" (rounds per hour loaded). If you're in a hurry or want (need) a lot of ammo fast, just buy it. If you buy in bulk and are only concerned with ammo that goes "bang", you can find some pretty cheap. If you want custom ammo for your specific gun, reload.

Rant over...

You mentioned quality and others have mentioned you'll need to buy another press once your Lee breaks. I don't believe that. My personal experience with Lee presses is they are as good quality, and will last as long as most any press. I have only heard (read) of one Lee press breaking, and that was the little "C" press, and no telling how it was used. And has anyone "wore out" a single stage or turret press? I have a Lee turret that's only 11 years old that still works as good as when it left the factory. I reload four pistol rounds and 3 rifle rounds on my Lee and it produces ammo as good as any press I have owned (Lee, C-H, Redding, Lyman). Either press you mention (I know that doesn't help) will prolly last you for years and thousands of rounds reloaded, so at this point it boils down to what looks prettiest to you...
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