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is that just bs?
Yes it is just BS. Long story short, 7 yrs ago purchased a Lee Classic Turret press (My 1st press). First loads 45 ACP, then bought dies for 30-06, then 270, then 243, then 7.62x39, then 223, then 9mm, 380, 357 mag, 38 spl, 40 S&W and finally 357 Sig.

First three years loaded nothing but rifle on it. Then bought a RCBS Rockchucker used (could not pass up the deal). Take the indexing rod out and you can load anything up to a 300 win mag on the Classic Turret. Put the indexing rod back in and load pistol like there is no tomorrow. Set your dies correctly and you will get accuracy each and every time you pull the handle.

Get what you feel comfortable with.


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