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I have a Lee Classic Cast Turret, Hornady LNLAP, Lyman T-mag turret, & Lee challenger. I haven't used a T7 but have read a lot of great reviews about them. I've been reloading on the Lee CCT for about 3 years, the Hornady about 2 years and the Lyman, about 7 years. I load pistol ammo mostly. I use the Hornady if I'm going to reload more than 100 rounds. I use the Lee CCT if I only want a box or 2 of ammo. The turrets are so easy & fast on the Lee I can change calibers, primers, powder charge, in less than 5 min. I seldom use the Lyman Tmag, but sometimes it comes in handy. If time is an issue and you only shoot a couple hundred rounds on an outing, I'd go with the Lee Classic Cast Turret. I load 300 win mag and 45/70 on the Lee and things get a little cramped with long bullets, but it still works. I'm not a good enough shooter to tell a difference in accuracy between any ammo I load on any press. I'd say whatever press you decide on will be capable of loading excellent ammo.
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