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There is not a mark on this gun. Until I can get back to visit in December and take a look at the underside of the barrel I can't say for sure but there is nothing in plain view. There is a complete lack of EVERYTHING on this gun. No extra brass or inlays, no cap pouch, no engraving. Nothing. My father in law is ****** at me because he said he saw one online for $999 and that is what he assumes it is worth and why won't I give her $999 for it. Honestly I hate the internet sometimes. Also, not shown in those crappy photos is the fact that the barrel is completely exposed about 1/4 of the way and there is a grey matallic band that wraps around the barrel and stock. All of the pictures in my reference books show the kentuckys with full length stocks that go to the muzzle. I am thinking that this was broken and repaired. Back to the lack of markings though, there is not a single engraving on any piece of metal. Could this just be a kit gun or a poormans model? Also ehat do you think of the trigger guard? Am I correct in assuming that this is Kentucky/Pennsylvania style?
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