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However if someone wants help or information as to how to commit an illegal act and gets assistance in doing something illegal that is not just bad, it can get the owners of this web site in trouble along with the people that gave the information.
If that's what they are looking for, they'd be better served to go buy one of those Palidin Press books. No one here has even come close to posting the information contained in some of those publications. Most of the posts I've seen lately about "questionable" full-auto items seem pretty innocent to me, especially if they are discussing older WWII era guns.

Personally, I think it would be interesting to discuss how to design a select fire weapon, or even discuss techniques in tuning existing ones. It would be interesting to know how SOT manufacturers ever come up with new designs if they aren't permitted to discuss the topic "how to build a machinegun" with anyone. No wonder why machineguns haven't changed much since the 1930's - since NFA, everyone is too scared to discuss how to build a better one!

I'll refrain from that kind of discussion here, because I doubt the Mods would approve. Although I think its ashame that we can't do this I really don't want to give some thug directions on how to make this or that gun full-auto either.
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