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Originally Posted by Aquila Blanca
I suspect if you were to review the laws of all fifty states, you would find that there are a lot fewer than you think that allow transport to and from a range without a license. Remember, we're talking about handguns. Some states are less restrictive with regard to long guns.

What I wrote was exactly correct -- if a resident of this state sets foot outside his/her own house with a handgun, and doesn't have a permit, they are committing a felony offense. The only exception is transport to and from a range for participation in an organized competition, or for formal training.
I get the impression that in a majority of states, being in possession of a handgun in ANY location without having a permit would be a felony offense, possibly with the exceptions that you list.

Originally Posted by tet4
In states like that, how do you get the hand gun from the store to your house when you buy it? (I'm honestly curious because I've always wondered how that works).
There are situations where it is not technically legal to do so. NY state issues (rarely) a "premises" permit for handguns. That permit only allows for legal possession of the handgun at the EXACT location listed on the permit and absolutely NO WHERE ELSE. It is technically against the law to transport the handgun from the dealer where it was purchased to premises listed. I have been told so by DAs, lawyers and judges.

Fortunately, at least in this area, those permits are virtually never issued and virtually anyone can at least get a hunting/recreation permit and almost everyone can get concealed carry and, when those permits are issued, everyone involved understands that there must be SOME way of getting the gun home, so the technicality that the law does not provide for such a method is ignored by all involved.
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