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Peruta v. San Diego

The last we heard, on 10-04-2010, Defendant Sheriff Gore filed a cross MSJ; an amicus brief was filed by the Brady Center; a declaration was filed by anti-gun Prof. Zimring; a declaration was filed by the manager of CCW, Pelowitz.

There it pretty much stood until the 18th of October.

Last week, a joint amicus brief by the Independence Institute, the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, and Law Enforcement Alliance of America, written by David Kopel, was filed (See link to the docket in the main 2A cases thread - it's item #45.1).

If you read nothing else, read that amicus brief, as David explains in great detail, why there is no need for the court to reach any scrutiny. Plus, David Kopel is always fun to read!

Also filed was the response to the counties cross motion, along with declarations by Sean Brady, Carlisle Moody, Gary Mauser, Brian Patrick and Edward Peruta. The declarations are specific, as they attack several points of Prof. Zimring and the Brady's in general. Sean's declaration appears to show some bad faith conduct on the part of the defendant. Edward Peruta's declaration appears to show prior bad faith on the part of Sheriff Gore and/or his office.

Also filed was an objection to Zimrings declaration on grounds that Zimring was not entering evidence but mere opinion.

Ordinarily, I would say the parties are in for a major fight, but with the capitulation of Sacramento (was the Sykes case), we might actually see a consent decree come out of this. Sooner than later.
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