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Mystery Long Rifle

I have a problem and maybe you all can help. My father in law called me tonight and wants to know if a gun he found in his sisters house is valuable. As far as I can tell it is a Kentucky/Pennsylvania long rifle. The photos I have are poor quality because he is old and I used Skype snapshots of our video chat session where he showed me the rifle. A couple of things immediately stood out. One: there is not a single mark of any type anywhere on this rifle that can be used to identify its maker or origin. Two: the rifles stock is very basic in appearance with no brass or inlay at all except for the buttplate. Three: The rifles forestock length is not consistent with any of the pictures in any of my guides. What I can tell for sure is that it has two triggers, finger notches on a long curved trigger guard, an octagonal barrel both inside and out, rifling groves in the barrel, and there is a metal band that wraps around the tip of the forestock and the barrel like on a ruger 10/22 that is grey in color. As far as age goes I can only verify that the gun can be traced back only 30 or so years. That is when it came into his sisters husbands possession. Also my father in-law told me that there are two holes drilled in the underside of the barrel just in front of where the forestock ends. My question is... Is this a kit gun from way back or a broken restocked gun?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Oh yeah, it,s loaded too!
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